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336 Pages, 6x9 inches, Hardcover with Jacket
(Index, Bibliography, 57 Illustrations)
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Creating Exceptional
A Leader’s Guide

William F. Brandt, Jr.

A how-to book for business leaders providing the principles, processes and tools to build Exceptional Organizations.

Filled with lessons that provide education, training and tools to support change and progress – this book will enable you to expand your horizons and create the type of entity you truly desire. And it will reduce time and costs in making your “Exceptional Organization” viable, sustainable and valued.

“Solid, proven strategies to build an exceptional organization – this book is it! William Brandt has written a how-to book that is well-grounded in experience and data. Highly Recommended.”

~ Tracy Fitzsimmons, President,
Shenandoah University

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Compass book cover

Compass Tool Kit:Instructional Materials and CD for Creating Exceptional Organizations

William F. Brandt, Jr.

Teaching companion to award-winning COMPASS: Creating Exceptional Organizations. With this handy book and CD you can bring the information from COMPASS directly to your company or organization.

COMPASS TOOL KIT provides 52 specially packaged lessons, essays, interviews and PowerPoint™ slides business leaders can use to present concepts from COMPASS to their executives, managers and employees. How to make your “Exceptional Organization” viable, sustainable, and valued while stressing both “self-interest” and “concern for others.”

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“COMPASS is a great guide for leaders in their quest to create exceptional organizations. I highly recommend reading and applying its concepts to your daily work.”
~Malal W., Amazon Reviewer
"William Brandt is one of the best business leaders in America, with one of the best strategic minds. His book is a must read for managers!”
~ Robert Fritz, author of The Path of Least Resistance for Managers
“COMPASS stands tall among the others…it has the tools needed to grow your company into the best it can be.”
~ Reader’s Favorite Reviews