COMPASS – CREATING EXCEPTIONAL ORGANIZATIONS: A Leader’s Guide by business executive and educator William F. Brandt, Jr. has won its 22nd book award in the Eric Hoffer Book Awards.

The Eric Hoffer Awards honor books by “freethinking writers” and is named for American philosopher Eric Hoffer, book author, university professor, and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

In addition to the Hoffer Award, William Brandt’s book has also won the Axiom Business Book, the Nautilus Book, and the USA Best Book awards – has taken other top awards in contests in New England, Southern California, and the Midwestern, Northwestern and Southwestern United States – and has been honored in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco; London, England and Paris, France contests. For a total of 22 book awards!

COMPASS – CREATING EXCEPTIONAL ORGANIZATIONS is a how-to book for business leaders that provides the principles, processes and tools to build Exceptional Organizations. Filled with lessons that provide education, training and tools to support change and progress – it enables business leaders to expand their horizons and create the type of exceptional entity they truly desire – one that is viable, sustainable, and valued.

The book has received numerous 5-star reviews as being “An indispensable handbook for organizations” and a “Must-Read for all business leaders” with “The tools needed to grow your company into the best it can be.” It has been called “Exceptional, Comprehensive, a well written gem of a book not to be overlooked” and “THE guide for those seeking to achieve recognizable greatness for their company.” And it has received numerous “Highly Recommended” commendations from a wide range of book reviewers.

Author, William F. Brandt, Jr. has been called “one of the best business leaders in America, with one of the best strategic minds.” – and has been praised for writing a book that gives “real insight into motivating and empowering people to achieve great things, both for themselves and their organizations.”

In COMPASS, Brandt offers that the “traditional view” of economic reality holds that the pursuit of “self-interest” benefits not only individuals but also society. While his book acknowledges the past successes of this premise, it also gives a new, more powerful paradigm: the simultaneous pursuit of both “self-interest” and “concern for others.”

The book provides a guide for behavior that reflects both the greatest aspirations of humankind and the reality of the world we live in. Business leaders can act according to this “new paradigm” to create exceptional organizations which are viable – achieving their purposes according to society’s highest values – sustainable over time and valued by all.

Company members and employees benefit by having a shared vision and understanding of their organization’s aspirations and current realities. The book offers highly effective and universally applicable tools and processes, and a set of common beliefs, values, and language for interactions at all levels.

The book, COMPASS: Creating Exceptional Organizations is 336 pages in both hardbound and e-book versions. There is also a teaching companion book, COMPASS TOOL KIT: Instructional Materials and CD for Creating Exceptional Organizations also by William F. Brandt Jr. It has 256 lay-flat pages for easy copying, and contains a CD with 52 handout training materials and PowerPoint™ slides designed for class presentations to companies and organizations.


William F. Brandt, Jr., is cofounder and former CEO of American Woodmark Corporation—the third largest producer of kitchen cabinets in America. His books include the winner of 22 Book Awards COMPASS—Creating Exceptional Organizations: A Leader’s Guide and COMPASS TOOL KIT, the teaching companion to COMPASS (www.WinterValePress.com ).

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