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“William Brandt is one of the best business leaders in America, with one of the best strategic minds. His book shares his wisdom, experience, logic, unique insights and practical methods for growing an organization that learns, builds, and advances over time. A must read for managers from every part of the organization."

~ Robert Fritz, author The Path of
Least Resistance for Managers

“If you are looking for solid, proven strategies to build an exceptional organization – this book is it! Author Brandt has written a how-to book that is well-grounded in experience and data. Highly Recommended."

~ Tracy Fitzsimmons, President, Shenandoah University

“A Must-Read for all business leaders who want to make their companies even more successful…an excellent guide to point companies in the right direction towards both improving their bottom lines and benefiting society at the same time.”

~ Best Sellers World Reviews (5 Stars)

“COMPASS is great guide for leaders in their quest to create exceptional organizations. Concepts of this book are part of my organization's annual leadership program and the feedback from training participants has been consistently positive. I highly recommend reading and applying its concepts to your daily work.”

~ Malal W., Amazon Reviewer (5 Stars)

“An indispensable handbook for organizations seeking to become exceptional. Contains reams of useful advice, is thoughtfully written, well edited and covers topics at just the right level of detail and perspective. Author Brandt fills the pages with compelling and inspiring advice.”

~ Book Pleasures Review (5 Stars)

“Strongly recommended to potential corporate leaders. This management guide is superior and I value this book above its peers.”

~ Book Ideas Review (5 Stars)

“COMPASS stands tall among the others. Well written, easy to understand, with practical theory, common sense, it has the tools needed to grow your company into the best it can be.”

~ Reader’s Favorite Reviews (5 Stars)

“Exceptional Book. Highly Recommended.  Practical and visionary, this highly accessible guide shows step-by-step how an executive leader driven by integrity and sound values can make a company highly successful. It is written by William Brandt, someone who has done just that...”

~ Riane Eisler, President, Center for Partnership Studies,
Amazon Reviewer (5 Stars)

“Recommended! Hard to put down and easy to read this book promotes a new paradigm for business – the pursuit of both self-interest and a concern for others as the heart of any entity. Leaders of all stripes can benefit from Brandt’s actual experiences and wise guidance.”

~ US Review of Books

“William Brandt delivers exemplary leadership knowledge and experience in his “Leader’s Guide"…a winning formula for what it takes to create and develop a sustainable and exceptional organization. It provides clarity (and hope) along with a sound understanding of how a successful organization should operate. This is THE guide for those with a vision toward achieving overall, recognizable greatness for their Company.”

~ Feathered Quill Book Reviews (5 Stars)

“Strongly recommended to those in business who wish to enhance their companies, and anyone who wants to enhance the quality and success of their own life. An easy to read book with universal principals.”

~ All Books Review (5 Stars)

“A well written, gem of a book not to overlook! An exceptional guide on a company’s journey from $30-million to $700-million in sales…inspirational and interesting like a good novel.”

~ Reader Views Reviews

“Brandt has developed a comprehensive resource that shows how to improve organizations, by following a plan that fosters moral development of all company members. Brandt’s writing is clear; tables and flow charts break down the principles and allow the plan to be customized to different organizations. It is organized in an easy to read reference layout with a detailed subject index.”

~ Indie Reader (5 Stars)

“A comprehensive book with a new paradigm for organizations…a viable tool for any leader. Loaded with ideas, concepts, tools and valuable information it is a catalyst for organizational change and improvement.”

~ Portland Book Review (5 Stars)

“Compass provides a user’s guide to creating exceptional organizations and a roadmap to success. The book is well written in a conversational manner that conveys the concepts in an easy to understand style accompanied with real-life examples and exercises to help the reader apply the lessons contained.”

~ Vamdm, Amazon Reviewer (5 Stars)

“An eminently practical how-to for senior executives striving to create exceptional organizations. Brandt’s personal journey as a CEO gives this work the credibility to challenge conventional wisdom. As a senior business leader, he has real insight into the psychology of motivating and empowering people to achieve great things – both for themselves and their organizations.”

~ Reynold W. (Pete) Mooney, Principal,
DeLoitte Touche Tomatsu Limited

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